I first discovered yoga almost nine years ago, in Vancouver. A close friend of mine asked me to join a small group class, being held in a small unmarked studio. I almost didn’t go, but decided at the last moment to attend. It was there that I met my first teacher and began my journey, from student to teacher. A constant process of learning and growing.

My name Amrita was passed on to me during my second yoga teacher training course in Kerala, India. It is a tradition after completing this intensive program, to give graduates spiritual names. The Sanskrit word Amrita is referred to as Nectar, the drink of the gods which bestows immortality. Amrita has inspired me to drop the sweet sap of nectar on the yogi students I teach. This drop of awakening is what drives me to continually transform and deepen my knowledge of yoga. I believe that all of us have the power to change our lives now, not tomorrow. It is from this rooted truth that I share yoga around the globe, knowing that we are all immortal souls wanting to live from a place of peace, happiness, and love. Yoga shows the way.

My teaching style is an infusion of mindful alignment and intentional breath. Teaching from the foundation of the Sivananda style of yoga, I also incorporate Ashtanga and Iyengar methods into my classes. I have had the opportunity to teach internationally and share my knowledge with people from all walks of life. From India to the Caribbean to Greece to Morocco, my international students have opened my heart and expanded my teaching. I look forward to seeing you on Bowen Island or at one of my worldwide exotic retreats.

Amrita (A. Clark) RYT 500

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