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Whether your life is “good” or “bad” is ultimately nothing more than a statement about your thoughts. This sounds crazy but it is a profound truth that, if properly digested, can totally transform our lives. Gratitude journaling is an excellent way for each of us to understand this truth, and unlock its power.

There is only one universe but millions upon millions of worlds – one world for every pair of eyes that looks out at the universe. Each world takes in the information coming from the universe and processes or interprets it in its own unique way. Usually, things that are deemed “bad” within a human world have remarkable sticking power compared to things that are deemed “good”. We replay our bad experiences to ourselves so many times more than our good ones, and seem to remember them much longer. As bad as things may seem, with so many worlds around, there will always be people on this earth who would absolutely love to have one of your bad days.

Gratitude journaling can really change your world. Each day, you make a list of things you are thankful for that day. Here’s the power hidden inside: Through paying attention to the “good” things and taking measures to remember them, they will start to stick much more than the “bad” things. Also, through consciously being open to them, you will notice so many more good things that you used to just overlook. Your world will start to look different. Eventually, your thoughts will move from mostly negative to mostly positive, as the “good” things start occupying them and an attitude of thankfulness starts to truly set in. Then the magic happens – Your whole world will shift. You will be amazed. You might even find that the “bad” things start to enter your list, for when viewed with wisdom, you will see how they were necessary or somehow helpful in directing the course of your life. What an amazing paradox!

Here are a few pointers to get you going:

  1. Start by writing down the obvious things such as the names of people you love, your abilities or best experiences, even material things. Be sure to note down why you are thankful at a deeper level. Try to go beyond the ego!
  2. Try to write down different things everyday. This will challenge you to unlock more and more things you never noticed. Also, it will help you to be more present in your day, bringing more peace to your world.
  3. As your wisdom and openness grows, try to look at all experiences as part of one amazing unfolding, and see the grace at work in every piece. Saint Francis of Assisi used to say thank you for every single thing that happened to him, even when he got beaten up, because he understood the hidden treasures in all of life’s experiences.

Changing the world begins with changing YOUR world. Try this out as an experiment. It might turn out to be one of the best things you ever “do with your life” :).