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Last month for me was a time of Sadhana (personal practice). I took the past 30 days to retreat within and dive deep into the inner workings of myself. The last two weeks I went into silence and deep meditation – no speaking, communicating, phone, computer, books. For some, the thought of this is torture, for others, an amazing gift. For me, it was a time of internal watching, a time to check into the Samskaras (the mental impressions) that I have dug since my last meditation sitting.

When we become quiet we find so much tension (both physical and mental), so much craving, so much aversion. In the silence we experience our misery in a very visceral way. It is hard to sit with, but in the process of simply observing, without reaction, the healing begins. Through meditation, we realize that absolutely nothing outside of us causes our suffering, we are 100% responsible for our reactions. This hard to digest fact became very clear during my quietude.

Yes outside events happen, yes they sting, they have impact, but we are the creators of our own story moment by moment. We dig the grooves of the mind, and we have to work to come out, no one else can do that for us.

The good news is that there is a way out, there is a way to forgive and heal and be happy.

Meditation (along with so many other spiritual practices) gives us the tools to be truly peaceful. I am grateful for my teacher, Goenka Ji, who illuminated the path of Vipassana Meditation to me.

March Meditation:
Inhale: Observe the sensation of breath
Exhale: Observe the sensation of breath

We have so many beautiful retreats coming up from March to October 2017. Specifically, there are two silent meditation retreats happening, one in April with Carolyn Ann Budgell and one in May with Sarah Manwaring-Jones.

Wishing you continued freedom and happiness on your life path,