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Enjoy a relaxing wood burning Finnish Sauna for up to 3 people. The cost is a flat fee of $25 and includes water, fresh towels, an outdoor shower and a private Finnish sauna session.










About our Sauna and some fun facts:

“A Finn without a sauna is lost.”

  • It was built in the spring of 2015 by a a semi-retired Finnish log house builder who also has a small sawmill. He built it for his daughters and it was moved to Bowen Island for them to enjoy.
  • The wood is all local to the Cariboo region, and was milled there by the builder himself
  • The sauna is made from: Poplar (very white) & Birch in the sitting room, Poplar on the ceilings and doors, Western Red cedar on the exterior, Western Red cedar in the sauna room (including benches), Douglas Fir on the floors
    (I always associated saunas with the smell of cedar, but just learned that cedar doesn’t grow in Finland so it was not used there!)
  • The traditional Finnish wood stove uses Finnish granite rocks (which can withstand high temperatures, unlike many other stones which could shatter). When you pour water over the stones, the dry sauna turns very steamy.
  • The window in the sauna was from the original owner’s childhood home’s kitchen door. Their Shetland pony would come to the door if he wanted attention and scratch on the window with his teeth. You can see the little pony scratches on the window today.
  • Nectar Yoga B&B purchased the sauna in February 2017 to share this amazing Finnish tradition with our guests.

The Finnish Sauna Tradition:

  • Mostly used in the evenings for relaxation, purification, clearing of the mind (the previous owners dad calls it his yoga)
  • Finns sauna once or twice per week
  • In Finland, families have one sauna per household on average
  • Childbirth took place in the sauna since it is such a comforting place

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