Nectar Yoga 2.0

April 16
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The Spring Equinox is a beautiful time of transition and of cleansing. This is one of the four most powerful days of the year providing the prana (life energy) to synchronize our energy and connect us to source. With equal days and nights, this day is a balance point between light and dark, masculine and feminine, yin and yang. Think of this day as an energetic doorway, where we can release into the light of transformational change.

We’ll gather with like-minded beings to reflect and find alignment. We’ll perform rituals together to assess where we are going and adjust course as needed. We’ll release what separates us from our Sat Nam (our true selves, our essence) creating space for new waves of light energy into our hearts.  Just as the Earth is rebirthing plants and animals, it is also time for our rebirth. We’ll do this by practicing a Kundalini Yoga rebirthing kriya together to sprout our seeds of intention. We finish by soaking ourselves in the healing energy and sound frequency of the gong.

This sacred gathering will be a blend of pranayama, intention setting, mantra, yoga, meditation, and gong to center and steady ourselves in this energetic balance point, before we transition toward the powerful Summer Solstice.

This special 2-hour class is offered at $25 per person + tax.
Payments are non-refundable.
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Bridget Dunne
Atma Karam (Bridget) loves sharing the beauty and depth of sound healing. Her classes are sacred gatherings to nurture the spirit and rise above. She will guide you on the wonders of mantra, meditation and the gong to consciously clear the path forward. She is trained in the Kundalini Yoga tradition and is deeply honoured to share this ancient wisdom with you.

Andrea Clark
Creatrix of Nectar Yoga B&B, student of life, long-time meditator and teacher. To read more, click here