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Bring a breath of fresh air to your oral health with tongue scraping

A major part of our oral anatomy is the tongue, although this essential organ is often completely forgotten about during our daily oral health routine. Ever wondered why a hint of bad breath seems to creep back almost as soon as the smell of the toothpaste has faded? Well, that’s because the surface of the tongue, just like the teeth, becomes coated in bacteria everyday. Unless this bacteria is removed during oral cleaning, it will just continue to collect there, diminishing our oral health and releasing unpleasant odours. In fact, the texture of the tongue is such that its many crevices can trap and hold bacteria, allowing it to multiply in our mouths over time. To add to this uncleanly environment, our bodies remove toxins during sleep which land on the surface of the tongue. Therefore, to maximize oral health and combat bad breath, it is essential to use a tongue scraper to clean the surface of the tongue on a daily basis. This practice can also improve our digestive health and boost the immune system against future contaminants, allowing our mouths to become fragrant gardens of healthy oral flora!

For amazing oral health and a super fresh mouth, follow these steps:

  1. Buy a tongue scraper with bristles that can really work into the crevices on the tongue. A great brand to look out for is Doctor Tungs. Note that a toothbrush, while certainly better than nothing, is designed to clean the hard and smooth surface of the teeth. It is therefore not the most adequate instrument for cleaning the soft, rough surface of the tongue. On the other hand, many tongue scrapers do not feature bristles and therefore can only reach the top of the tongue, completely missing a large amount of the bacteria living in the mouth!
  2. In the mornings and evenings, brush your teeth first as normal, and then scrape several times across the surface of the tongue using the scraper, trying to reach the back area of the tongue if possible.
  3. Floss and use a natural mouthwash for maximum cleaning and the freshest breath.

Many of us have no idea how much bacteria remains in the mouth after brushing our teeth. Using a tongue scraper can make a world of difference to achieving lasting freshness in the mouth and a glowing sense of oral well-being! Try it out and literally taste the benefits as the surface of the tongue is transformed.