Life is busy! Between all of life’s responsibilities, it can often feel like no breaks are allowed. Until now…

Saturday November 30th

This day trip will starts at 10:30 am and finishes at 4:00 pm. This is the perfect opportunity to experience both Kundalini Yoga, silence, and mindfulness all in one.

Once all participants arrive, we will meet in the forest, to ground and create a sacred intention for our day.

The second component will be an active practice, my own creation called “shakti yoga” to begin the clearing process. Be ready to dive deep into your body and feel a deep sense of freedom! Bring an extra set of dry clothes, to change into as this practice will make you sweat and detoxify. Please also bring snacks and lunch needed for the day, something light but filling and nourishing. The town is about a 10 minute drive if you want to purchase lunch.

Allowing some time to mindfully eat and removing the necessity to chat with your neighbour, you will experience a sense of deep inner-peace. After our lunch break you will be led on a small trail walk. Bring weather appropriate items as November tends to be rainy.

For the remainder of the afternoon, we will enter the yoga dome for a guided meditation and a beautiful restorative practice with props and blankets to reset our nervous system. A time to rest the body and mind.

The Teacher – Ileana Rockson

My purpose and Intention is to hold space for people to learn, let go and heal.

Holding space is the art of “being with” someone’s pain, suffering, joy and tears and allowing them to have their own experience without making it about ourselves. In this space is the quiet, yet powerful force of present loving connection. Presence without judgement, just kindness and pure love. Our pain and our grief deserve equal seats at the table as our sparkle and our Joy. When we begin to peel back the layers, the good,  the bad and the ugly we begin to fully heal inside out. Blocks only occur when we suppress, or try to turn off the tap. With Yoga, Movement, Breath Work, Music, Dancing and all the beautiful things I offer we can start to learn to let our feelings in, notice them, greet them with a smile and compassionate heart, so in result we can start learning how to let them go just as freely. In a culture where we shame negative feelings and pedestal the light, we risk isolating ourselves from others, when we really just need love and support. With this in mind my workshops come alive. Relationships are deepened through vulnerability and courage. So join me and others like minded people to create a space of community and connection.

Sat nam