Winter Solstice Sacred Gathering | Dec 21, 2019
2pm – 6pm (4-hours)
720 Gardner Lane

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The winter solstice is a perfect time to gather with a conscious group of like-minded community to honour the darkness and listen deeply to the call of the soul. This gathering will be curated as a sacred journey into stillness; where we can pause, allow, let go, and more clearly connect to our intuitive wisdom.

The winter solstice is the darkest day of the year, so our practices will be centred around turning inward. This is also a special day to remember the light that still subtly flickers below the surface and will begin to rise again after the deep winter season.

This sacred gathering is a blend of meditation, pranayama, intention setting, mantra, fire ceremony, yin yoga and sound healing that will pave the way for clarity as we begin the waxing cycle towards the Spring Equinox.


THE AGENDA (this is a general outline and will be more specifically articulated upon arrival)
2pm arrival in our geodesic dome – bring a sacred object to place at our winter solstice alter
Introduction to the Winter Solstice with smudge ceremony
Opening mantra
Silent Meditation
Yin Yoga
Sound Healing
Journalling with intention setting
Closing Fire Circle

Andrea Clark
Andrea (Amrita) is the creatrix of Nectar Yoga B&B. She has been teaching yoga for over a decade around the world and has found deep meaning and peace in teaching on Bowen Island to people from all corners of this planet. She built Nectar Yoga to be a  womb of deep peace and a space of healing. It is her sincerest love to host gatherings with beautiful beings of light. 
Harmony Shire
Harmony’s passion lies in educating ways to heal the body and the planet through working with energy systems, Earth rhythms, sustainability, and ceremony. She brings her wisdom of fascia and the planet to her classrooms, never missing a moment to educate her students to enhance the effects of the practice by deepening your own inner wisdom. In her classes expect to be empowered and connected to your body and breath, and leave the mat with an open heart and more space to float on the earth.
Bridget Dunne
Atma Karam Kaur (Bridget) was introduced to yoga through the Hatha tradition more than a decade ago. While living in Ghana, West Africa she attended a Kundalini yoga class and knew this was her path. She followed her intuition and enrolled in teacher training after attending this one class. Atma Karam Kaur  is a trained instructor in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She completed her 220 hour Level I teacher training in Ghana and is currently completing her 300 hour Level II teacher training in Vancouver.

A smile or two
a sacred object to place at our alter (you will take this home with you after we finish)
Layered clothing for the season
Journal and pen
Slippers (no outer footwear in the dome, we will provide slippers if needed)
Water bottle
Travel mug
Waterproof footwear
Comfortable clothing
If you have a meditation pillow that you love to use, please bring it


$50 (+tax)Payment in full required to secure your space. Non-refundable, non-transferable.

Payment can be made by Credit Card or Interac Transfer.

To Register please CLICK HERE